SNSD SBS Popular Songs Download Link

The performance at SBS Popular Songs is better thn that of Music Core.

They are wearing school uniforms for Himnae and white shirt and jeans for Gee.

Here is the download link:

I need first comments to display the download link for gee…kkk
Thanks crazee91 4 ur comment u can now access Gee download link…


~ by heewish4it 켬 1월 12, 2009.

4개의 답글 to “SNSD SBS Popular Songs Download Link”

  1. -_-
    ok.. let me do everyone a favor and comment first.

    thanks for the links^^
    i like cheer up better gee..
    hmm dunno why tho

  2. 4 your great support i now included the links 4 it.

  3. Super! I’ve been looking for separate files from this comeback.

  4. thx for the links … ^^

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