1st Sport Chosun Idol Awards

Wow… Amazing SNSD is at no.5… topping Wonder Girls at 8…

SNSD is the only girlgroup that is in the top 5 as of this day in 1st Sport Chosun Idol Awards…

The current status is (Jan. 16):
2. BigBang
3. Super Junior
4. FT Island
6. SS501
7. SHINee
8. Wonder Girls
9. 2 PM
10. 2 AM

I can’t believe that SHINee’s votes are higher than WG… what’s happening?

Unfortunately… foreigners can’t vote…

But if you’re a Korean…
you can vote here

me? i voted for SuJu..kkk


~ by heewish4it 켬 1월 16, 2009.

2개의 답글 to “1st Sport Chosun Idol Awards”

  1. good for u! if im a korean, i’ll vote for suju too.. love em… ^^

  2. Waa~ DBSK still the best!! ^^
    SNSD is the best galband in Korea then ^^
    and sHINee…talented rookies!

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