After Achool New Schoolgirl ALBUM REVIEW

After School… new girl group again…

After Brand New day… Here comes After School…

I love After school more than BND…

The members are:
Park Ga Hee (leader), rapper for Son DamBi’s Bad Boy
Kim Jung Ah, released an album in 2000
Yoo So Young, Kim TaeHee look-alike
Bekha, pride of Hawaii
Lee Joo Yeon, internet ulzzang

…they released yesterday their didgital Single consisting of three tracks (New Schoolgirls, Ah, and an instrumental for Ah), and a teaser MV for Ah…

…After listening to the songs… i thought that they aren’t have that strong vocals… they’re songs are fast-paced and full of raps…

New Schoolgirls is the first track… and Ah is the 2nd track… I’ll say that the album is not that good… coz their melody is just the same and ending up always the same when you listened to the two tracks… but the beats are good and their voices…

But i can’t say that they aren’t talented so I’ll wait for their perf tomorrow on Music bank…kkk

I think, they and Sista will be rivals since their music is hiphop related…

I don’t think that they are patterned to Pussycat Dolls… coz they aren’t… alike



~ by heewish4it 켬 1월 16, 2009.

2개의 답글 to “After Achool New Schoolgirl ALBUM REVIEW”

  1. you forgot to mention park gahee was micky’s ex-gf and boa’s back dancer but i think ur rite on their vocal strengths but at least they don’t suck it out on performance cuz their song was already focusing on the strongest vocal ability. their song is super catchy…. O.O

  2. Ah is a pretty catchy song and their dance move r just sexy.
    after school is better than BND although we cannot really compare them since they r different styles

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