[DL] SNSD Gee @ Music Core (090117) & Inkigayo (090118)

Chukhahamnida!!! SoNyeoShiDae…

It’s only a week after their debut performances… and SNSD captivated the no.1 slot…

It’s a big triumph for them… bcoz I think there is no song yet done that before… or a song did it but after many years it was proceeded by SNSD Gee…(I really don’t know coz I only came here in Seoul way back March 2005… & i don’t think there is another song than that b4)…

They won 1st place on the three big charts in Korean TV, KBS Music Bank (but they’re not there to receive it… sigh), at MBS Show!Music Core, and at SBS Inkigayo Mobile Chart and Take 7…

Many video streams are scattered in the Internet and there are only few download links…and sometimes difficult to search… so I’m here to give you the download links

Just click at the download links:
Music Core
InkiGayo Encore
Mobile Ranking

and here is the video for their Save Earth Campaign Song at InkiGayo…
click here

If u wanted the HD file for their Performance at Musi Core…
click here

I won’t display the download links for the performance and Encore at Inkigayo unless I received a comment…


~ by heewish4it 켬 1월 20, 2009.

4개의 답글 to “[DL] SNSD Gee @ Music Core (090117) & Inkigayo (090118)”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Ive been looking for these vids.

  2. Thanks dude! Where do you get these vids if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. I’ve just downloaded it in those networks… and uploaded it to my clubbox… and to mediafire…

    and about the albums… i ripped it from CDs…that I bought… so kindly comment coz it’s the way of thanking me when you download…

  4. hi. thanks for uploading girls’ generation live performances for gee. do you think you can keep uploading them? just the gee parts, if possible. thanks.

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