HeeWish4It is now back!!!

Sorry guys for waiting… but HeeWish is here again to spicen up your day with KPop… we’ll deliver to u whatever u want about KPop….

Why we? Coz HeeWish4it.wordpress.com is not a one-man blog but 4-man blog now…

HeeWish4It will have sections for KPop Headlyns, K-album Reviews, KPop lyrics (Hangul, English, and Romanization, or to any language our reader will suggest), KPop streams, KPop Pic2re Vouge, and K-downloads (see our about page about downloading procedures…)

If you have questions just go to our about page…or e-mail us!


~ by heewish4it 켬 4월 17, 2009.

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