[ALbum Review] Younha – Part A: Peace Love & Ice Cream

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1. Peace, Love and Ice cream
2. Black Rain
3. Break Out
4. 123
5. She Is
6. Love (사랑하다)
7. Luv U Luv U Luv U
8. My Song and… (Korean Version)
9. 123 (Instrumental)
10. Love Me (Instrumental)

Younha, best female Korean singer for covering English songs, came back again here with new concept in Korea after about 5 months. Younha released her new album Part A: Peace Love & Ice cream last April 15, one day earlier than the first slated date because her title track 123 spread in the internet.

In this album Korean, Japanese, and Swedish composers lend their hands in the composition of songs. Younha also partisipates in playing the piano and synthesizer.

Her title tracks 123 and Peace Love & Ice cream showed her smooth but powerful vocals in different ways. 123 is not the usual style of Younha because of it’s cutesy and repetitive beats, it also sampled Jackson 5’s ABC 123 in the refrain. Peace Love and Ice cream is a remake or the Korean version of Sandy Dane’s. Though it’s a remake, you can’t be bored after several listening and also she showed her own style in this song.

Other recommended tracks are My Song and… which is the Korean version of her 13th track from her previous album ‘Someday’, and Break Out which is LA-Metal Rock that showcases trademark of singing rock songs and also with a rap part that makes the song better.

The song Love is also a good song with Younha’s mature ballad sensibility but it’s quite boringa fter few listens. And the song retro song Luv U Luv U Luv U which is also good but suffers from inoriginality, it’s more generic if you’re living in America.

There’s 2 instrumentals in the album, 123 and Love Me, but Black Rain and She Is are also instrumentals which are used as somewhat intros for the tracks Break Out and Love. Black Rain starts off with rain droplets then ends with strong rock beats. She Is is accompanied by a piano in a sad ballad tune.

All in all Younha’s 3rd album is great but it suffers from inoriginality but she made it new by putting in her unique style. It became no.1 in some online charts after it’s release and also no.1 in Hanteo after 2 days of release

Track Rating:
1. Peace, Love and Ice cream – 91%
2. Black Rain – 87%
3. Break Out – 89%
4. 123 – 90%
5. She Is – 88%
6. Love (사랑하다) – 88%
7. Luv U Luv U Luv U – 88%
8. My Song and… – 93%
9. 123 (Instrumental) – 90%
10. Love (Instrumental) – 87.5 %

Album Rating: 89.15%


~ by heewish4it 켬 4월 22, 2009.

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