HeeWish4It Blog site has been created last January 2009. HeeWish4It Blog site is only intended to promote K-Pop to the whole world, and the editors’ views. HeeWish4It only posts articles with genuine (owned by our editors) files. HeeWish4It Blog site is divided into K-Pop Headlines, K-Lyrics (Hangul, English, and Romanization; we’re the ones who Romanized and translated the lyrics we are posting, we’re not taking it out from other sites), K-Album Reviews (not only the album is graded in scale of 100%, but also the individual tracks), KPopDownloadCentral (see our rules for downloading below), and Editor’s View (a editorial about a certain news and sometimes maybe outside KPop).
Our editors are composed of HeeWish (founder), DarkWizh (youngest), SuperPriBinShidae, and SeungriJeongbok (newest editor).
We intended to use code names (pseudonyms, pen names, gamyeong, ikmyeong, pilmyeong or whatever you call it) to show our support for internet anonymity here in S. Korea, where a real-name policy law has been enforced that makes our country one of internet enemies and we don’t like that.
Blog Rules
A. Comments
1. Anyone can comment.
2. You can oppose what we wrote.
3. No bashing of artists.
4. No posting of foul words, use double-edged words instead.
5. If you didn’t follow the above rules, your comment will not be approved.
6. No spamming.
7. Don’t include hyperlinks or addresses outside our blog unless the editor(s) requested or permitted you to do so.
8. No double comments. Wait for another person to comment then you can post again on that post.
9. You can request to have the article in Korean, this is excluded in our rules for requests below.
B. Downloading
1. We will not include the download links in our posts; we will e-mail it to you.
2. In order to receive the download link, you must have at least 5 comments in any of our posts.
3. The comment containing your request is not included for the 5 prerequisite comments.
4. We will e-mail it to you immediately after you requested or posted your comment.
5. Be fast because we will have limit of persons to receive the download link(s).
6. For files divided into multiple files, join it by HJ split. Google it and download it. It’s free.
C. Requests
1. Anyone is free to request.
2. You can request lyrics (Hangul, English, and Romanization), music score or sheet, or anything you want us to feature.
3. E-mail your requests to our editor who is responsible for uploads, DarkWizh, darkwizh@naver.com. If you didn’t follow it (if you requested it by a comment in our posts), we will not approve your request.

Romanization Rules
coming soon…


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